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Opinie o hotelach

Best Western Yosemite Gateway Inn, Oakhurst

We spent in Oakhurst 4 days to visit Yosemite. It is about 17 miles from South entrance to the park and about 47 miles from Yosemite Valley. If you don’t want to stay inside park it seems to be the best location. Rooms are comfortable and clean. They have very good housekeeping. There is small indoor swimming pool, exercise room and self-laundry. Toy can take breakfast, lunch or dinner in hotel restaurant or several other small bars/restaurants in Oakhurst. If you are very very sensitive for noises you may be not very happy because of noisy water if you take shower (strange noise from your or neighbors room) or if you have room facing street and there are some track at morning. But if you are „average” traveler you probably won’t notice any noise – it is perfect silence and nature only. There are few 2 floors buildings surrounded by park/garden and trees. Very close to nature and good comfort inside room.
One more thing which can be improved is wireless internet connection speed from iPhone at evenings. I noticed that it was slower at evening, most probably due to more people using connection – but it could be also iPhone issue. I wonder if anyone experienced the same. During the day it worked perfectly while downloading or uploading pictures. It also works when you are in loundry, which may be important if you have to wait 45 minutes.
If you are bored with Yosemite, don’t forget to visit lake areas near to Oakhurst – perfect views.

Summarizing: I can definitely recommend this hotel and Oakhurst as a small city for all tourists.


Paris, Las Vegas

It was our second visit in Las Vegas. First stay near The Strip. Paris has the best location. Every evening you can decide if you want to visit north or south hotels and casinos, all are in walking distance. If you have high floor with Bellagio fountains view – it is magic. There is also very nice swimming pool when you can rest after night entertainment. Rooms are spacious, very clean. Housekeeping perfect. Check-in, check-out extremely fast. They can improve two things – internet access could be cheaper or free, and if you get option with buffet included, there were always long queues – we didn’t take this, but saw whole day long lines to restaurants.


Fairfield Inn & Suites San Francisco Airport/Millbrae

We stayed in this hotel 5 nights. There was express check-in,space in garage(it is open, but I don’t see any „danger”- similar to hundreds garages in SFO), door were properly secured so we had to use out key/card. Complimentary parking, internet, breakfast.  Room looks very good – LCD screens, day area with working desk + sleeping area, nice bathroom, nice decorated. There is small outdoor pool (rather jacuzzi, maybe 2x4m). We had a room on 4th floor. It was noisy. Hotel is about 1.5 miles from the airport, so only sometimes we could hear background noise- which is not a problem. Much bigger noise is caused by trains which are about 0,3 miles from this hotel. And they operate almost whole night,making additional noise when stopping at the station. BART Station is good if you don’t have car, but noise may be a problem. Windows looks like sound-proof, so if you open it (you can slide it about 5 inches) noise is bigger.   In my opinion they should install additional glass surfaces on this building to reduce noise.  Staff can try to move you to another room if you ask – most probably lower floor on another side of this building can be more quiet – but most rooms are on this noisy side. We didn’t want to move – too much work.
Breakfast was rather small. Limited choice. And as someone already said, sandwiches were not available every day. Anyway, if you don’t want to leave hotel without breakfast it is better than nothing. Elevators were available, however there is something wrong with them – it makes noise when opening/closing doors – someone installing it made really bad work. Same about door to room 408 which required force to close it, leaking toilet, and few more small things which can be easily repaired/improved if they spend enough time analyzing what else can be improved. I can recommend this hotel if you don;t care about noise. Otherwise I would advice to consider another option (if you are able to find anything in so good price)


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