Barcelona - the sun at the beginning of winter Print
Saturday, 13 November 2010 22:33

November is not the most pleasant month of the year. Particularly a problem in Poland creates weather. It should be noted that quite often, in November a national holiday falls in the middle of the week and then we take a break and go to a place, where there is a much more favorable climatic conditions. Contrary to appearances in just 2-4 hours flight, we can at this time of year to find places where the temperature during the day is over 20 degrees and the sky is clear and sunny.

This time we decided to Barcelona. Is a 4 hour flight, but thanks to the perfect combination of Swiss Airlines can fly about 14 and already be in place for dinner.

Interesting observation from the flight. It turns out that in Zurich, Switzerland has a much better weather than in Poland. Despite the fact that the airport can see snow-capped peaks of the Alps, the sky is cloudless, and lots of greenery around. If someone does not want to go to the Bieszczady Mountains, or a crowded Zakopane, after 2 hours as the cheap flight you can enjoy the fresh alpine air in a small house somewhere in the vicinity of Zurich. This option has been added to list 'is to' and probably in the near future, the description appears on the page.

Returning to Barcelona ...

Fly without any delays or problems. Terminal I in Barcelona's airport is probably the prettiest, but rather one of the nicest airport lobbies, we have seen - beats Frankfurt, Munich and Amsterdam. We did not when it was built, but it looks quite new.

From the airport you have three options for travel to the center - depending on your mood and budget, we can choose (as at November 2010)

- By taxi, cost about 30 euros, 30 minutes. Taxi stand before the terminal and are well marked. All are legally fixed, so there should be no problem with the bill. In any case, you can of course make sure the driver what it cost to get to the center,
- Airbus, the cost of about EUR 5.80, transportation to the center from the terminal II. Buses are well marked, buy a ticket at the bus stop - is issued a special table, journey will take about 30 minutes,
- The cheapest option, for less than EUR 1 per person. If we land on the terminal I, then you should take the free bus that will take us to the terminal II. There, go to the station the train. Buy a ticket to self-service machine - at once the best ticket for 10 tickets EUR.Wystarczy 7.85 for 1 zone, because both the airport and most attractions are in Zone 1 The train departs every 30 minutes. The best ride, 3 stations to Sants.

There, we can take the metro. The ticket is valid for approximately 1.30 minutes and if you sit in, it does not need to delete another one.

Journey to the Centre, including a free shuttle bus from Terminal 1 takes about 1 hour 20 minutes.

Most restaurants serve dinner between 20 pm and 23 So if we get to the place of about 19, we can still enjoy a good Spanish tapas and sip wine. Suitable restaurant it is worth searching for, or ask your guide at the hotel.