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Saturday, 17 April 2010 19:05

We arrive in the afternoon, because we stay in Maswik Lodge in the Grand Canyon. A good solution, because we will not have to leave out of the park at night. Many people, such an attraction visited by 4 million people a year may seem to the constantly busy - such as Zakopane. Nothing could be further from the truth. The vast area of the park and good organization means that there is nowhere over-crowded and everyone will find a suitable place. First, you can see nice views of almost 40 miles from the Grand Canyon Park and Canyon Village. Navajo Indians lined the edge of the canyon to its stand and can be purchased on the spot produced dzbanuszki, bracelets, pendants, etc.

Grand CanyonGrand Canyon

Grand Canyon

After crossing the park boundary, which is easy to see, because we buy tickets, we're still about 25 miles through beautiful, sometimes surrounded by a dense forest and running almost all the time at the edge of the Canyon.

On the spot, in Canyon Village is quite difficult to find our bed. A huge area of "village", small cottages and some larger hotels in the mountain style makes the moment We circle. An additional difficulty is to change the road network and our GPS showed that we turn somewhere where there are no roads. Fortunately, at every crossroads and signposts are soon to reach the place of registration.

There is no problem finding parking, although information on the Internet that you buy one of the last nights, we can choose peace. We live in a kind of double-deck moteliku, there are about 25 rooms, each with input from the outside. Obviously, before any such object and the house (where they are hidden in hundreds of forest) are parking spaces - so auto is directly under our window.

Canyon to the edge we have about 500 meters. To one of the best vantage points is about 2-3 km. In retrospect, it seems that in order to fully feel this space, spend 3-4 days. You can then choose to hike to the bottom of the canyon, or you can go there on mules, or fly a helicopter. You can also go on tour using the Canyon Express. You can also arrange a wedding, just above the edge of the rays of the sun.

This is definitely a place other than the picture postcards that show at most 1% of what you can do there. It is for Americans one of the many parks, where you going on holiday or long weekend.