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Monday, 24 May 2010 19:26


Departure from Port Blair to Chennai (Madras). Wake up in the morning, an icy shower, breakfast, moments without power (here, a generator is not always reliable) and go to the airport - odwozi us our reliable travel agent:) Check in at the airport here have traditionally fast and efficient - just the weather is not always the same as the staff:) Before our departure to the start line prepared Jetline plane departing the flight to Calcutta, however, did not let him (and simultaneously on the landing of our aircraft) a brief but very intense rain. Kingfischer lines are, however, well organized and the staff kept us informed about the situation of our aircraft in the air.

The journey from Port Blair to Chennai takes less than two hours. Airlines offer several channels of TV - but Bollywood films are shot in far too long for such a short flight - do not know how the story ended with the young students of acting ... (You can also enjoy up to date view of the camera mounted on the bow of the airplane - especially off and landing are impressive.

At the airport in Chennai, we used pre-paid car - the hotel we got a black taxi ... Taxi driver first rag poprzecierał car and then his sweaty face and neck. In the city of 5.7 million people live in the way from the airport traffic was not (although it is rather the peak hours). Short (about 40 minutes) car trip is an adventure ... The most important of course is a horn:) I think moves faster louder driver. Direction may be considered 5% of the drivers - other (both buses, cars and motorbikes and scooters) are going to want to - so to the front. From our point of view, there is a huge chaos there but somehow it works ... The entrance to the hotel (thanks to the points already accumulated, we can not afford to Marriott) is separated from the street gate. Before the opening of both the car and luggage are carefully reviewed by uniformed room service and front of the hotel our luggage (and we too) are also scanned.

  • Meeting with colleagues in the office (50 minutes late)

  • Local Restaurant

  • passage through the beach

  • office visit

  • contact the bank in India

  • shopping

  • long haggling and 500 rupees + 2 for 3 scarves zł

  • continue shopping

  • purchase bracelets

  • 200 rupees for two scarves

  • tuk-tuk back to the hotel

  • phone to the bank, returned safely